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I'm a newbie to hatena.I'm just a regular 12 year old, almost a teenager.I like hoot, gizmo, civil, and guap, and tons of others.i'm not very good at drawing, so most likely, youll get a sprite flip or aduio flip from me.I've noticed people false reporting me.STOP IT!I also have a youtube account.my username is bigtimerushmore , so please visit and watch my videos.my little sister, who is now 6, is messing around in the background noise a little.grrrrr...anyway....FIRST THEME BOUGHT ON 6/3.Favorite TV shows*:MAD, the suite life of Zack and Cody, The suite life on Deck, Regular Show, a little Icarly, a little Spongebob, and a little Pokemon.

Favorite Games:the Pokemon series, Bloons Tower Defence 3 & 4(1 & 2 stinks!0>0), and the metroids.

some of these shows may not be suitible for you.if you get in trouble, it's not my fault.I have warned you