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ok the egg swap battl league is meant for 6 ppl but can b more or less if i see fit, now then this is how it works: 1st of all every1 in the league breeds 6 eggs doesnt matter wat as long as they arent hacked 2nd we all take turns trading every1 in the league, this is how the trading works: wen both traders r in the trade they both put three eggs in the choice thing then both pick a random egg and trade then u do this with the other three eggs u didnt put in the choice thing the first time___thats how the trading works after u trade with every1 in the league we should all have random eggs then we hatch and train these pokemon and we will have 3 battls during the training: 1st at lvl 1 2nd at lvl 50 3rd at lvl 100 there will b rankings after every battl after the lvl 100 rankings r in ill tell every1 bout the after stuff so thats the league any questions ask me

the league is at the esbl flip