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Hey everyone, I am E-Dude. A few people made me an interview so here we go!

Interview by i8Pichu:

1.) Q. Do you have any game systems besides a DSi? What are they?

A. Yeah, I have an X-Box 360 that I never play.

2.) Q. What would you do if your L and R buttons broke?

A. Honestly, it wouldn't be that devistating because I animate without it now. Although it would be hard to make thumbnails and icons...

3.) Q. Without Hatena, how would your life be different?

A. I would be bored more often XD

4.) Q. Which do you think is more important: numbers or words?

A. Definetaly words. Without words, nothing would exist; talking, reading, etc. But without numbers, MATH WOULDN'T EXIST. >XD

5.)Q. Do you like pokemon?

A. Not one bit :p

6.)Q. What is your opinion on flipnote reviews?

A. I used to think they were insulting, but then I realized that they're only constructive.

7.)Q. Do you have a DSi or DSi XL?


8.)Q. What is your second favorite application on the DSi?(flipnotes being #1)

A. I bought this game called "Music On Drums", it allows me to make drum beats and songs, it's pretty neat.

9.)Q. If you could go to any three places, (all in different countries) where would you go?

A. Hmm......Paris (France), Italy (I don't know any cities in Italy XD), and British Columbia (that's in Canada, for those who don't know)

And that's all she got. Next up is an interview made by JT...here we go!

1.)Q. Why do you think people love your animation?

A. That's a hard one...I think mainly because I animate stick figures, and they're fun to watch.

2.)Q. Does Hatena make you want to be an animator when you go to collage?

A. I've thought about it before, actually, but no. I have my heart set on writing (author, journalist, etc.)

3.)Q. Do you like waffles?

A. Hahah, yeah, when they haven't been in the freezer too long and they don't have that frozen taste :p

4.)Q. Do you like interviews?

A. Yes, they're quite entertaining!

5.)Q. What's your favorite video game?

A. Grand Theft Auto 4 (hehe, I'm bad)

6.)Q. What inspires you?

A. I'm not completely sure what this is asking..but if it's related to Hatena, Squirt, Evan SG, and you (JT), inspire me. :D

And that's all he had. Lastly, and interview made by Chris, here we go!

1.)Q. What's your favorite color?

A. Orange (I wish they had orange on flipnote studio)

2.)Q. What's your favorite movie?

A. "THE HUNGER GAMES", without a doubt!

3.)Q. What's your favorite band?

A. It's a close one, between Three Days Grace and Hedley, but Three Days Grace wins ;)

4.)Q. What's your favorite TV Show?

A. I don't really have a favorite, but TV shows I enjoy include Modern Family, Survivor, I used to like American Idol before Phillip Phillips won -___-, Hell's Kitchen, Grey's Anatomy, I saw the last few episodes of House before it ended :( , and there's many more

5.)Q. Who is your favorite Hatena Creator?

A. Squirt

6.)Q. Do you like waffles?

A. (Read my answer for JT)

And that's all he had.

And with that, this interview is over :)