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(Updated October 1st, 2011)

Hey there. If you dont know me already, I'm Username, spriter and sprite animator. I make sprites in my spare time, and enjoy animate them alot. Im actually pretty proud of my progress on Hatena so far. I've become a known spriter, and am pretty good at making sprites, as well as animating them. I know I vahen't made any fight, but I promise I'll release one eventually...

~~Importing: ok, so as some of you know, I now know how to import. I will hold contests every so often and the prize will be an import of your choice and some stars. that's the only importing i will really do, unless i think the americas really need a ceartain flip/sprites. Don't bother asking how I import, because if you bother me about it, I won't hesitate to block you.

If you have a sprite request, I'll probably take it, or at least look into it :P I may be busy with schoolwork though. Heading into high school isn't exactly easy you know... Plus I don't get that much time with my DSi. And splitting that time with my 3ds gives me even less time DX

My Friends on Hatena:


Mr. Video






Tell me if I didn't add you. I WILL.


  • Sprite fights...?
  • Rip of Anthony's Mario drawing
  • Any Requests
  • M&L: BIS Bowser (probably)
  • BIS Pack v1