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MINECRAFT!!! My name is Dan I'm 14 .I like manga and anime and such.

birthday Dec 3,1997(>'-')>

My favourite bands are:



Family Force 5

The Beatles


Thousand Foot Krutch


My favourite TV shows are:


Everybody Hates Chris


Naruto Shippuden

Phineas and Ferb



The Amazing World Of Gumball

and many more...

Favourite Pizza Place:Mellow Mushroom

Favorite Soda:Fanta Melon Frosty (From Thailand!)

Weirdest Thing I've ever seen:a bird on the side walk that looked like it exploded...0_o I'm like a giant monkey throwing pudding at the mafia with a rhino named steve!

My goal is to make a successful manga.

My Manga Inspirations are:

Tite Kubo

Mark Crilley

Masashi Kishimoto and

Takeshi Obata,emphasis on the 2nd and the last one.

wait,what?,how does this contain inappropriate content ?Oh well.

Favorite artists:{Masahiro},Tony,Kagome,Skye,

Death<3kid,Coolio,JaseHatake ,Suta, Brittany, ~AF 911~,Hollow,AKATSUKI,ジエレミー。,Orochimaru,hukA@Garry, じゃかぽく,Amaterasu.

And finally favorite mangas,I don't like a whole lot of them but here they are:Naruto,Naruto Shippuden,Bleach,and Bakuman.

xbox360 live : Dan7809

check out http://www.facebook.com/mangakadrawings.cool

I post drawings on paper there in case you're wondering what my drawings look like on paper.

out of all the mangas I have read I would say the most inspirational out of all of them would be bakuman,it has taught me much about manga and what it takes to be a mangaka,though it has ended I couldn't see it ending any other way,and it will always be my favorite manga.