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I will not change my username any more.I am going to stay at this 4 the rest of my flipnote carrer.So I am still makin channels,flips,and accepting stars,comments,and views.Hope for all the newbies and good luck boss on the trip.I want to thank all the people who inspire me to make more flips and those ppl are BOSS,fred,gizmo,flooploops,and the guy who made that 1 school flip.Thanks to all my favs and that series I will post it early this month.To all the new creators GOOD LUCK YOU'LL NEED IT.Hope u guys/gals can fav me give me comments but i'm not pushy on the stars.Well thats pretty much it hope u guys/gals enjoy my flips and p.s. the reason that my flips don't hav sound is bcuz my mic broke.And I will make a series of flips by the most popular creators next month the trailer will com out in june/july.And a new contest will be comin shortly I will tell u 1 thing who ever makes the best trailer for my new series will get 3 redstars and 2 green stars just a heads up ok.Well thats it hope you guys/gals will make good flips get stars and comments and tons of favs.P.S. BOSS keep makin those asis flips~ And gizmo keep makin those king boo flips,And fred keep rockin the band. Ice*Comedy Signing out PEACE =]