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hi my name is duni (thats what people call me) i play the violin,piano,and a bit of guitar and i really love music!!! im sorry if im bad at drawing i just have to practice more but i love flipnotes its soo fun... i hope i get lots of stars very soon well bye!!! Uuuuuh Ima Add More Cuz Im Bored X3! My Real Name Is Daniela....Call Me Dani Or Duni :3! Hmm Im Not Such A Good Drawer.... I Hope To Become A Better One Soon!!! =D Hm.... I Like To Get Stars... I Love To Draw!!! :D I LOVE TO BE CALLED KAWAII!! X33 Thank Chu Lollipop!!! My Huggable Lolli :3! She Calls Me Kawaii Duni :3 Hehe :D Well I Hope Soon Enough I Get Stars!! X3!! Byeee!! <3 ~Dani