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Hi every person who reads this.I am Sora_42.Im the person if you just wanna talk I volunteer myself or have a problem I'll listen.I enjoy the British arts of Doctor Who,Merlin,and Sherlock.I also enjoy the animes Claymore and FullMetalAlchemist.If you have a minecraft my name is SORA010101.I usually get on the server Mc infected IP (S1.mcinfected.net) and Arrow Craft IP (server.arrowcraft.us).Also my friend has his own serve.It's on planet minecraft. IP(mc117.servegame.com).Again if you wanna chat just use any of my flipnotes.I play Magic the gathering(Im a total nerd) If you wanna play me over hatena I know how. I also have a tumblr my url is totalrandomness169.AQworlds edwardelric03. I will try to post flips when I get the chance to.I`m not very good at drawing so I needa lot of help if your willing I would appreciate it.If you say rude things on one of my flips I will delete it so don`t kay :). Runescape Sora010101 or o Lidstone o my amazing account that someone gave to me XD . And seriousley have some fun bro,fun is like the epic sauce of life.Well thats pretty much it.