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Hey, guess what! You've stumbled into my profile! Aren't you a luckeh duckeh! LOL

My name used to be EJJR-360(pronounced edge- er) but I thought it sounded st00pid

so I changed it to L-DAWG

Current update at the bottom of my profile-

My goals on Flipnote Hatena:

!!WARNING!! : I make lots of spin-offs

I am against false reporting,stealing flipnotes, and starbegging.

I do all kinds of flipnotes from comedy and MV's to stickfights to sprites! :P

I try to post at least once a week but please be patient, school and soccer can be very time consuming :/ (yes I play soccer)

When I grow up I want to be an Author, Artist, or Animator (what a coincidence, they all start w/ A LOLwut XD

Check out Platinum,Fyras, and Ninjormon's flipnotes because I don't feel that their getting enough credit for their work and cuz they are all good friends of mine.

If you want to make a request, ask questions, or chat then check out my MAIL flipnote.

If you want me to enter your icon contests then just ask me in a comment or link your icon contest to my "All Contests!!" channel.

10 Facts about me-

1.I has two cats and a gerbil :3

2.The stae I live in sarts with "W" and ends with "ashington" dB

3.I love wearing hoodies X]

4.I draw alot in my spear time

5.My favorite foods are:

  • steak
  • hamburgers
  • tacos
  • and chocolate pie :D

6.I can't juggle X)

7.I play soccer

8.I drew my first real drawing when I was 2, it was an apple LOLWUT dB

9.I hate math >:D

10. I just told you 10 things about me! Congratulations, you just became significantly more knowledgeable! BD

Sooo just sit back and enjoy my flinotes!! oFTo


Warning: Number of episodes in a sereis can change

Elemental Stickfights

Book one: Air (3 parts)

Book two: Water (3 parts)

Book three: Earth (3 parts)

Book four: Fire (4 parts)

RPG series: Age Of Legend(AOL)

Season 1: EPS. 1-15

Season 2: EPS. 16-30

Season 3: EPS. 31-45

Season 4: EPS. 46-60

Season 5: EPS. Any additional episodes that may be needed to finish up the sereis.


Episodes 1-4

Othah Series


;3 :) XD oFTo dB (B e3e :D ;P >3o 0Ho :1 L: SMILE!

UPDATE- 2-24-12, 8:30 PM

and alot more stuff!