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Hola Senoritas y senoritos! me llama Elyse.

jk, lol (enter) i hate spanish. (just my teacher.)

Yeah. So A bio, I guess, or all about me..

Nombre- Elyse [insert last name here]

DOB: 03/05/1998

State- TEXAS

Age-13 :T

Thats the little stats section i guess.

Well! I'm Elyse, and my username is about the most boring name there is! but! i am the most popular Miss Elyse, so i guess that counts for something!

Facts about me~

i overuse ~~~~~~~~~~~,i read a ton, i'm pretty smart, Algebra hates me, my favorite anime is Baka and Test, I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE science nerd, I won first place at diocesan science fair on a project about bacteria in ice at fast food restaurants X'D, I'm bad at speling, i'm not very funny, i tend to overreact to things, i love to owl, my favorite hate comment is "Sorry Miss Whatever, K66 is so much better!",

And i will finish this later.