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hiaa as ya can see im DeathPlay im a 13 year old girl since april 12 OMG IM OLD!!!! Dx anyway i am a sonic character fan and im proud xD i luv 2 draw & sing <3 im MEXICAN!!! xD anyway check out meh drawings i no most of them are R.P's but wateve plz add meh as your fav. i luv making new buddehs soo hopefully we get 2 talk. my best friend is Akuseru <3 yes i no her in real life :) she's like my childhood bud x] she is an amazing drawer so u should check her out x]

My O.C`s

Celest the Hedgehog:

She`s my 1st O.C i`v ever made, she's a Demon <3 &

Species: Hedgehog :]

Statutes: Taken by Torture (ChristyTHC)

Age: 13

Alex the bunny:

Species: Black bunny

Statues:Taken by Zorah The Wolf (Exocist)

Age: 15

Alaska The Alaskan husky:

Speciese:its in her name xD

Statues: TAKEN! by blade (DjCrazyGal)

Age: 14

Drew the wolf:

Statues: Crushing on Comet (Kilala)


Species: tiger

Statues: Kinda likes justin (T-fox)


Species: blue tiger

Statues: Single :P & has a crush on spire (icyinferno)

Age:she's 18 xD lol


Species: Vampire Bat

Statues: she's single BUT!she has a real real REAL!!!!!! big crush on Shade xD (Flcnfthr) >:] <3

Age: 15


Celest`s older bro

Species: hedgehog

Starues: Single

Age: 16


Celest`s Best bud

Species: hedgehog

Statues: Single ;]

Age: 13


Celest`s BABY bro

Species: hedgehog

Age: 5 xD

^-^ WELL das it BYERZ!!!!!!