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EmoChic is an 11 year-old girl who loves to sketch and draw anime/magna. Her favorite magna series is '' Fruit Baskets ''.

She cares about the poor as well as the cancered and endangered ones. So in that case, here's a short poem called: '' You'll Make it Through''.

There are boys and girls accross the world,

that need help as you've probably heard.

Girls want Barbie dolls,

Boys want Hot Wheelers,

so be kind and helpful to them,

as you'll be able to succeed.

Africa needs food,

Haiti needs homes,

help them out,

and you'll have a giving soul.

My,my,my...SO MANY PEOPLE,

that I think the Earth need to keep hold of.

Yeah...I know that was a ''not so good '' poem,

but I'll keep trying.