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Hello, world! My name is Ella... yeah... As far as my personality goes, I'm pretty much a total knucklehead mcspazatron (Yes, that is from the Spongebob movie) ^3^ I like Evanescence, The Pierces, Flyleaf, Walk Off The Earth... you probably don't care... I like to change my name and OC a lot, but it doesn't really matter cuz I don't have very many fans.

I am the oldest of four siblings. I have two younger sisters and one younger bro-bro. Our names in chronological order: Ella Jane, Zoe Ann, Ava Marie, & Jakob (Gus) Neal. I am very proud of my siblings and if you insult them in any way (sarcasm or not) I will go all out NINJA on you.

death glare* YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I have a few AWESOME friends on hatena.




Va$hTr!k99 (I think she's my friend...)

And Mitter7

I have nine characters so far:

Rayven Jessica-Ann Myracle

Krow Justin-Nicholas Myracle

Kiwee Lauren-Mae Myracle

Jae (John) Zachary-Josh Myracle

Eagel Noah Myracle

Owel Jane Myracle


Antonio (Ant) [I'm not putting his full name... it's too long.]

Josstlyn (Joss)

Yeah. that's all. Also, a few of my nicknames from school are Bob, Luna, Tomato, Stalker, Stalker-Kitty, Kitty, Wh*ore, and B*tch (not kidding about those last ones... It's a long story. e.o)

The end.

WAIT. One last thing. I am VERY easily startled. Like, you have no idea...

OKAY. NOW I'm done.