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hi im black vaporeon i am 13 years old my real name is evin and i like to go camping and i live in washington state my favorote band is the beatles also i bleav in aliens because thar are lots and lots of worlds that we dont know of that has entelagent life on them and i like pokemon and mario my favort pokemon is pikachu and eevee my favorote eeveelotion i vaporeon also i can count to 999 in japanese and i lived i germany for 4 years also i hav a youtube accont this is the link http://www.youtube.com/evin626 i all so have a face book and a myyearbook if you want to find me just search for evin wesbrook on the site.i know im not the best drawwer my friends on hatena r red vap umbreon=<3 black glaceon and kaboodle if you want to be my friend just leave me a comment that you want to be my friend i also hav a web site the link is this http://bvakaevin.webs.com/ on the web site i hav one game and a chatting thingy so injoy the site