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Ohhey. :3

Whatchuu Doin Here Guurrrll.? Or Duuddeee.?

Uhh. Go Creep Someone Else's Pro-Fo. (;

Bitch. You Still Here.?

Good. I Don't Want To Be Alone.<3


My Name's Camryn. I Hate My Name. With A Mad Passion.

I Don't Really Know If I'm Lesbian, Bi, Or Straight.

I Don't Really Know Much Of Anything As Of Now.

I'm 14. Almost 15. I Like Sex, Gore, & Spend Waay Too Much Time On Tumblrrrr.!<3

I Have No Idea What I'm Going To Do With My Life.

Beer Is Disgusting. I Like Vodka , Coolers , and Music.<3

Nintendo Games Are Fun. I Like Donkey Kong , & Bowser Is Pretty Damn Sexy.

I Like Parties, Facebook & Aeropostale Clothes.(;

I Wish I Was A Raccoon. Or A Tiger. Wild & Free.

Until I Get Locked Up In The Controlled Zoo That Is My Life.

I'm In Grade 9, Almost 10, At My Local High School.

I'm In The IB Program. It's Advanced Learning.

I Hate Dating People Who Live For Themselves.

I Love Carterr. She Hates Me.

God. I'm Fucking Pathetic.

Enjoy My Flipnotes. Or Don't.<3

Hi, I'm Camryn.!

& I Love Youu.