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hello people, my name is kris. i'm very bored with my life, as it is boring. i am pretty good at drawing, and i type fanfiction. (check me out! go to the fanfiction search bar and type in KrisMaria97. i love typing; i'm good at it, and it brings me joy)well...i'm not to sure as to what i should do at the moment, so read this info!


Name: Kris Maria

Age: 14

Birthday: November 22

Gender: Girl

Occupation: FanFiction writer, manga reader, anime watcher, artist, music enthusiest, raver/sceane emo :)

Likes: Food, cats, video games, anime, Pokemon, Sonic the HedgeHog, vocaloid, emo/screamo, alternitive, electronic rock/pop, youtube, fanfiction

Dislikes: Liars, beggers, people who talk way more then they need to, rumors, being bothered, school

Status: Single ;)

Personality: (in my opinion) hot-headed, lonely, animal lover, insane, a bit dumb, quiet, crude, calm


Check out these awesome quotes i like:

Save yourself, I'll hold them back.--My Chemical Romance

Vampires will never hurt you.--My Chemical Romance

NO soup for you!--The Soup Nazi

I will become the King of the Pirates!--Monkey D. Luffy

It ain't the looks or form that matter, it's the soul thats important.--Soul 'Eater' Evans

I'm Wai~ting!--Sonic the Hedgehog

Adventure time!--Finn

Stop nagging me!-- Akita Neru

Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya Nya~--Nyan Cat

Just be friends.--Megurine Luka

SHUT UP!--smosh

...but will it bend?--unknown source


Welcome to the Dark Carnival brother!--Gamzee Makara


you people will be hearing more from me and my strange mind. weather you like it or not, i'm here to stay!

~Kris Maria -^w^-