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Wowzers... 0.0 I sound really annoying in my introductions. Time for a fresh one😂 lol, anyways, damn. It's been 2 years since Hatena had shut down ;-; Time goes by really fast.


My name is Emma. My nickname has always been Saph, but I feel like starting fresh, so you can call me Koala-chan ^^

Yes.. Chan it is❤️

I used to be very well known for drawing sonic characters, but I dropped drawing them a while ago 😅 I'm more interested in anime now❤️ It's fabulous XD

Anyways, I guess I'll start with some basics

I'm 13, turning 14 in September 🌸 Yeah, I've grown a bit for the people who knew me😂 I'm not that girl 2-3 years ago

I'm in 7th grade🌚

As you already know, my name is Emma~

I love anime❤️

My favorite anime....oh god, this will be hard to answer 😂 I have tons of favs

I have three favorite colors which are purple, blue, and green

I love to draw, sing, write, play with my dogs, read, and dance

I miss my friends very greatly. And I hope one day, they see this ❤️;-; if Hatena decides to come back.

If you wanna keep in touch with me, I'll list my accounts below:







Those will be the five accounts I'll list :) I'm active, or at least, very active on @_lady_sakura_ as it's my main instagram account