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MAH MOOFIN EXPLOADED e3o joking... well im 11 years old and i hope u think i draw good cuz i put alot of my effort into mai drawingz ^FT^ my religion is catholic my favorite food is sushi (no joke my mom goes crazy because i say i want sushi like a gazillion times a day) >_> and when i get mah sushay its gone in the next 30 seconds o_o my favorite kind of sushi is california rolls. so enough with tha sushi talk.... i LOVE to draw anime/manga my roll model is luvpie1997. i hope to be as good as her one day. and i sometimes draw invaders... and i have 2 favorite creators and those speashul pplz aree..... my favorite! lol joking they are invader hek and luvpie1997 =3= AND WOULD U STOP FALSE REPORTING THEM FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD?! i mean seriously.... well thts all ^FT^