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I'm back as a possible half-brony, with a new series called "Epsilon" (which is animated). That is all.

"This is NOT a quote!"



The sprites for Wiz are in about 50 total. Luckily, most are Wiz hat sprites; they take only 30 minutes.

Wiz: 19 1/2 out of nearly 50

Kabula is being worked on by Genowhirl7 and me.

Updated on 2/16/11

I found out some bad news about the Wiz sprites I'm spriting. The Spriter's Resource doesn't have all Wiz sprites, so I found the rest of the sprites. I guess my work won't be finished that quickly now, so nothing will be worked on except for Wiz. All other projects will be put ON HOLD.


Look at my Wiz Volume 1, it's finally out!

Yo people! I am SilverPain and I like kirby. I am a spriter and I might take requests. My icons are epic or so I think.

KRRR-RACKK!!!! Dance to my music, or fry like a moth! HA HA!!

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"We rule both the night and the day! This leaves no time for you Kirby! Be gone!!"

Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright

Sprite Projects:


Mr.Bright and Mr.Shine GBA

Ice Kirby


Sword Kirby

Zero from Kirby's Dreamland 3

Paint Roller GBA


Tedhaun (ghost boss from Squeak Squad)

Enemies from Amazing Mirror


Poppy Bro Jr.

Kabula (see top)

...Don't bother me with requests right now.