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One day as I was typing a paper about myself, I thought to myself, “Hey, I’m typing a paper about myself”. Just then I realized that the space time kitten had been huffed and it was Wednesday and not Thursday like I had thought. So bearing this in mind, I had to act fast and make it to my CD player in time to put it on “kitten huff” or I had no choice but to deactivate the magnetic field around my house. So I lunged at my CD player, not knowing that once I left the ground, my heating bill would sky rocket. So I decided while in mid-air to land on my feet and get a job. On my way to work I had to find a ride there. Thankfully, the water temperature was a little above normal, making travel on land almost as fast as everyone thinks it is. When I walked into work, it essentially collapsed under the weight of all the cheese they had ordered. So I had to quit. Walking home took forever, so I rode the train. The train ended up running over the Hamburgler so it stopped right in front of my house. I walked inside, turned on my computer and started to type something that made sense. But soon realized I was typing on my cat. I was gonna write about how i went on a trip to the northpole, huffed my kittens and became a eunuch for life