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My offical flipnote name is For3everblue, but the name I've taken to recently is freespirit because overall, I am free-spirited. I have changed my hatena name a lot, but I plan on keeping this one for quite some time... My favorite part of my (real!) name is the middle part! Which is Rae. I am a fourteen year old girl with a passion for animation, althougn I find it much harder to produce quality art in flipnotes than on paper. I am naturally blonde, though I am dying my hair dark red (like Sharon Osbourne red :) ). I am still learning how to use the hatena system, seeing as how I tried it once and then didn't use it for a year. I have deleted my old flips and started over, seeing as how my art has matured with my age and I no longer wish to be associated with my previous work. But ultimately, I just love life and I love doing what I'm doing. :)