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Hello peoples of Hatena, i am GABBYWOLF and i would like to show you my flipnotes. If you want me to check out your flips just tell me so i can.XD i would love to see your work. o3o My DiviantArt is

My ocs:

Gabs the wolf

Toruke (gabs guardian)

Drake the Dragon

Suny the fox

Alexa the bunny

Nathaniel the eagle

Ivan the hedghog

Gobby the cockatiel

Alex the minni-hedghog


Zathora the snake

Mathrina Qeen of nightmares




Claw (warrior)

Morok (alpha-male)

Jhony Demon

Estar Angel



i have alot of characters o3o

about me:

fav movies:ghost rider, ghost rider spirit of vengeance, how to train your dragon, rio, super mario bros movie, van helsing, smokey and the banit 1 and 2, and nacho libre.

fav games:epic mickey, super mario bros, and just dance 1,2,and 3.

fav characters:shadow th, ghost rider, yoshi, luigi, and patrick.

fav book: black beauty, white fang, and milkweed.

my personatity:mento, crazy, worthless, funny, stupidly smart, and weird.

well thats all i can tell you for now bi!