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Alright, what do you like to hear first? good news or bad news???

Well, I'm just gonna have to tell you the bad news first

Bad News: My DSi is broken.... ALL THE WAY.

How Did This Happen?:Well, my bro wanted to throw a snowball made out of frost from the freezer at my other bro, and he left my DSi on put of the freezer and left it. Then a little while later, when i woke up, Renee, my sis, went to the freezer and when she opened the freezer, it BROKE. the one wire at the top broke...when i turn it on it goes on for... half a second and shuts off.

Good News: I MIGHTTT Get a new one??? :) (won't, i don't want one anymore.)

I'M SOO SORRY TO EVERYONE WHO DIDN'T WANT MY DSI TO D!E! don't worry, i didn't want it to d!e either... it d!ed a horrible way... it's sad cuz when i put the charger in it, IT STILL CHARGES! it makes me wanna cry to see her like this.....

Ourworld: GabbyRoxx

DA:GabbyRoxx (if you wanna see my newest drawings)

FaceBook: Love Wifey. (that is just some random fb account i made. not my real one)

Bye byee....... Love and miss you all! :)