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my dA is PrussiaDC~

well, i like vocaloid, Naruto, painting on the computer.i'm on kidstube (not anymore) and also on roblox but i can't get on roblox because it crashes my computer. my vocaloid's name is Esuribie Narumi and her twin sister (my friends vocaloid) is Yuky Narumi. don't point out to me that we misspelled Yuki because theres already a vocaloid named Yuki and we didn't know till the last second so we changed the spelling. Yuky's character item is grapes and Esuribie's is cherrys. i know SF-A2 Miki's is cherrys too but again, we didn't know so its still cherrys. well- hold on, Gakupo is really REALLY hot!!!!! did i tell u that? well, bye!!! <3 -^3^-


Prussia is my fave.~! (lol, and now I love France~ XDDDDDDDDD)

my laptop has a virus... read more about it on my deviantArt journal... (PrussiaDC on deviantArt...)

I roleplay as DC, Rin, and my other oc's.

I will have some animated flips up, but i'm HORRIBLE at lip-sync, so gonna go ahead and apologize for that...

I'm just a 13 year old girl, sittin' in my room on my laptop, my DSi with Ace Attorney and Flipnote's on, listening to Japan and England sing World's End Dancehall. Don't blame me, i need to get a life LOL.

well... bye~! ve~ aru~ dattebayo~ all that~ I LOVE ACE ATTORNEY NOW LOL