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Waaazzaaap this is Taken im currently passed 1,000 fanz. Current # of fanz (1,343)

My best flip to get in the MP was one of my MV's raked #1 in MP

Do I like cheese

Yes I do

So goals earned and not earned

100 fanz (yesh)

200 fanz (yesh)

300 fanz (yesh)

400 fanz (yesh)

500 fanz (yesh)

600 fanz (yesh)

700 fanz (yesh)

800 fanz (yesh)

900 fanz (yesh)

1,000 + fanz uhhhhh YEPOROOONIE!!!!

Current # of stars 600,000+

goal get too 5,000 fanz and half a milion stars.

All my supporters I thank very much...

I am only here to entertain you and do MVs......I have been faved and (noticed) by a ton of creators. But all I want to do Is stay on this site untill mabe when Im 15 and And start pursuiting my dream to become a cartoonist.....I have alot of h8ters and people trying to copy me but...im the original. Taken

12 years old BTW dB

So come watch my flips bra watcha waiting for.

My youtube username is.

(flipnoter4) subscribe! >:D

Well I gotta go tell slender man to stop stealing children..... o-o


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