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OMG!!!! I cant believe how pop I am!! thank you guys!!!♥♥♥♥



I got some info 4 u.

okay, char info!!!! XDDDD

Name: Sparky

speices: stareon(my made up eevee evoulution) and skymin

Age: 11

Bio: that's me. The Awesome person in the family.

Bffs: Soul and Visc and kiko..

Name: Nobby

speices:eevee dog thing magigge.

Age: 14

Bio: likes candy, like me.

Bffs: Shay

Name: Shay

speices: crystaleon(my made up evee evoulution)

Age: 12

Bio: likes Nobby and candy like me and nobby,

Bffs: nobby, and pinky

Name: pinky

speices: cloudeon(my made up eevee evoulution)


Bio:she drives our family places, XD

Bffs: our hole family

not telling you my facebook, myspace, or livestreaming

Full name

my real: Sparky Monica ______ <- im not putting my last! hahaha


I a female!! :)


10 my b-day was march 8th


march 8th

Blood type

IDK i'm to afraid to have my blood tested

Special skills

art, games, gymasticks, I'm good at yoda a bit to