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Hi,people of Hatena!

You guys can check my flipnotes,post a comment,and add stars.


Also,some episodes are copyrighted and credit to creators like Anthony who maked the locked miniseries.Thanks for the stars!I appreciate it!


Q:Why is Locked!a cool series?

A:I got that idea from Anthony when I watched his miniseries of Locked.

Q:Who is G?

A:He's a agent,but his name is like that because his name is his secret identity.

Q:Is Anthony a cool guy?

A:Yeah,he is!

Q:How long is your episodes per series?

A:Maybe 20 or 25

Q:Are you gonna make new characters soon in the next series?


Also,you can add me as a favorite if you want to,that is.Some are late,so sorry and please wait for more.If you have ideas for Locked!,let me know in the comments.Thanks!Any bad comments on my flipnotes will be removed and be reported,so please follow these rules by using the terms of use and Hatena,can you protect me from false reporters 'cause I don't want to get banned and start all over again,so can you do that?Thanks!

I'm gonna post flipnotes on my new 3DS tomorrow and you'll gonna like it!ALTHOUGH,IT'S NOT OUT FOR THE 3DS YET[FLIPNOTE STUDIOS],SO I'LL WORK ON MY EPISODES ONE AT A TIME.I NEED IDEAS.ANY IDEAS FOR LOCKED!10.5 AND ZOMBIE'S REVENGE ON COINS?I'm still busy doing some stuff,so please add stars to my new parodies when I'm working on Locked!and Zombie's Revenge On Coins.Any ideas,guys?If you have one,post a comment and I'll read it and I'll reply to you back.any ideas!Thanks!Hey,I post my new channel!Check it out!See ya!