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Hello there,welcome to my profile.

Check my flipnotes and if you like my animations so add me and stars!

Have a good day and good flipnotes of somebody.

Name: Gianmarco

Date of birth:04/23

Talent: Drawing/Designing

My favourite channel are Stick Figures and Mario channel.

Please, please add me as favourite , i'm registered on March!

I live in Europe ,i can speak italian, english and filipino.

Special thanks:

..Manga..She is my best friend, check her account, she is a good person!

Skrillex , she was my first friend

Jtg is my best friend too,


And Sonicxd he's my friend and he's a nice friend!

In italiano: sono Gian marco ,ho 14 anni e sono nuovo , ho un gran talento nel disegnare e sono forte nelle animazioni . AH, SONO MANCINO!

thanks for watching

Grazie per aver guardato

THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!