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Written July 28th 2011 2:24 AM CST --

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I am unable to post flipnotes, since I traded in my DSi for a 3DS. For a long time I have been inactive on here, so I will probably not respond if you try to contact me here. I am active on deviantART [] and Youtube so you can private message me on Youtube or send me a note me on deviantART and I will likely respond. I never chat in the PC RP Room anymore, so don't expect to find me there.

If you want some information about me...

My name on here is "Fiyah" but most people just call me Fire. I am a 14 year old guy, and unlike most people on here RP is uninteresting to me, so if you offer me RP I will most likely decline. My main friends are the following:

We all keep in contact over dA, and I always love to chat with each of them.

I love gaming. Minecraft, Binding of Isaac, and Super Meat Boy are just a few games I love to play. Recently though I have been spending a lot more time with my friends rather than gaming, although I still do from time to time.

I was one of the first people to join the Warriors community here on Hatena. Back in 2009, Bluestar created "Lightclan" and several people signed up. I was included. I met several people there, but only Hawk has stayed with me all these years. Soon I met my friend I have since grown apart from "Tanglelegs" (Nautte on deviantART). Both of us felt neglected from the Lightclan chatroom, so we formed Goreclan. It was originally Gorclan but the name was eventually changed to the proper spelling. Soon Goreclan and Lightclan were rivals, and we had about equal members. Goreclan started to have some problems within itself, and soon people broke away from Goreclan and formed the clan we now all know and love Phantomclan. Phantomclan quickly took over everything. It gathered way more members than LC and GC and left them in the dust. One of my best friends, Blazestar was eventually appointed leader. I quit Goreclan and became a loner(someone with no clan). Eventually I caved and joined Phantomclan. However at that point there were 70+ members in the clan and I had started to dislike all the RP. I hardly knew anyone. I grew apart from the clan and the rest is history. Phantomclan is still active today. Goreclan is completely gone and there are very small traces of Lightclan left. You can find the PC chat and RP room here:

So yeah, that's the story of how PC started for all you newbies out there :P