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hey! i felf my old desc. was well old... so ill wright a new one!

my real name... is not important, i love reading! my fav auther is Dean Koontz he writes scary type books lol, im starting to read manga, im a great artist in RL but on hatena im still working, my fave movies are the notebook, the last song, the diary of ann frank ,the blind side, my fave series is ( book and t.v.) pretty little liers, the hunger games, twilight, harry potter, flowers in the attic, fave actress is Hilary Duff my fave actor is Josh Hugerson<3 , im very big on saving the earth, i have 3 cats scorpio callie and charlie, myy fav singer is hilary duff, my fave singer who's still singing is Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift, i love painting , i love drawing the ocean, i meditate twice a day to calm and renew my self(i know it sound weird), i love my family, i love to dance and come up with corriagrahe but only my brother sees , i wright but only hatena reads, i wright a lot of poetry, i have a diary that i keep with me at all times, i love running , belly dancing, and yoga!!! now u know alot about me but not everything:p i love all my fansand always will! here are some epic creators!

ninja - X↑←LLYR↑

Junghamun - ↑R↓B←X→B

nano - X↓YBY←X←

davyboy - LLY↓BX↑Y

lovatic - ←RB↑YR↑X

my brother johnnyshow- AXRY↓LAX

kimh@wo - XLYABY←→

p!nk - →XL↑X→→←

#w@ntuback - XB↑XRA←←

shadow - ←YRLBAYR

Nagami - ↓A←A↑↑←X

littlered - command to come

lex<3david - command to come

and to all my fans who love and support me thank you! ill try to re wright this every month.

EDIT: so johnnyshow and i have been playing DECA SPORTS 2 for wii and we want an oppponent ! so leave your friend code in comments!

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