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So… I am of the female gender I am 14 years old I am 5’4” have long black hair and brown eyes except for half of my left eye is half grayish silver its called Heterochromia iridium if you were wondering. Well I’m 135ib I am not fat or stick thin and the only time I had to get a medium sized shirt is when my brest wuldent fit... um ok sounds a bit weard. I have the tendency to be evil or so they say… I find it entertaining to make people feel like crap so they quit but I only do that to people that bug me and I find useless to hatena… um I have guy problem often and yah that’s about it… I really don’t care BTW. Umm... I love my friends and only have real friends. Dont you dair hurt them or I will hunt you down and kill you <3. I only do things for a reason even if its hard to tell what it is... I have spelling ishus cant spell at all... I write poems and shortstorys. I LOVE to RP. Take "happy pills" cuz cicil aint around enughf to ceep me from going insane and fry out ppls brains (muhahaha)(cicil dont work to hard I'll be fine)... I dont like my friends overworking themselfs and I deffenetly dont like ppl helping/worring about me. I do things alone... dont have a "love of my life"...yet. I draw... I get in trubble ALOT. People eather really like me or hate me and I eather like them or hate them. Normal people bug me... alot of not-normal people do to. I only trust like 4 poeple in this cold world and yeah thats about all for now. Or not... at school bored... as hell. So more bout me hm... I use to like warrior cats but not so mutsh any more... If you use to know me by a different name and havent seen you since I dont want to talk to you any more... sorry. Um well I like all kinds of music I dont let people affect me um oh! My DSiXL is broken and getting fixed so I'm using my lil brothers... I'm using the same name and his DSiXL is linked to my acount so if you fav him you fav me... working on some flips... animating just drawing and yeah... I love chating... cibis are fun. Were the same shirt as cicil due to an incidant just its big enuf for me so I dont have to were pants with it... um yeah love reading ficton books and manga... watsh anime and no I dont really like pokimon of dragon ball z. I'm more of a Host club, Bleach, and Angel Beat kind of person... Friends yes here are most of em get mad at me if I forgot you and if I dident forget you I just dont see you as a friend I'll tell you:


Dark Magic


um... wow short list ;o;... need to make more fiends ugh. Well love ya guys and I'm out... for then next 5 minuts at least. Wells more about me... um I love to ride. I am a "jump in heads first" kind of person but somehoe I always come out... somewhat alive ;). My teachers know me... well most people know me as the persone who gets away with things and I'm good at it (muhaha). I'm a master with exuses... and lying but only if there is a good reason one that benifits me or people i like so... well idk. Well then its now friday... a A day (are school has A days and B days. A days are the days I get to be on the computer 4ish houres) I wonder if this thing has a carecter limit... we will find out tugether. If you read this all tell me I will give you 1000 stars... (why do i feel this will require work?)... so yeah um bye... for now.

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got my suff back and say happy birthday to my lil bro

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