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Hi there  

It is Taz here!  I dont know what to write about... My friends of course!


He is awesome at drawing flipnotes and spriting! He was my first best friend on hatena

Benjo live!

He is awesome and supports LFC like me because we r awesome lol! He is sound and is an awesome animator!


She is really cool and makes funky flipnotes :) she is also one of my best friends on hatena like 3way and Benjo live ^^


He gave me my first red star and I will always be greatful!

Dezi dezbo

One of my new friends who takes a load of time and effort in their wonderfully animated flips!


She is awesome and is very supportive! She is amazing at drawing! :)


Amazing spriter! Truly!

And all my fans, without you I would be nowhere, thank you for everything! bye