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Hey, I'm GreyHawk and I make stick fights but when I'm not on Hatena I'm either playing my guitar,piano,snowboarding, or video games and I'm afraid that one day that my head will explode cause my imagination is way too big. My personal favorite console is the xbox 360 and my three favorite video games in the whole world are Modern Warfare 2, Legend of Zelda, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Also I personally know the creators PEANUT and GAME OVER so check out their pages.

PS:Beware of star beggers and stolen flips cause they are evil little monsters who live in the shadows and they'll use their evil magical powers to make you add stars so stay away from them and join GAME OVER, PEANUT, Zero, and I and defeat the evil star begging and stealing monsters and make Hatena good again.