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My name is cupcake. But mostly my Hatena ID is called gwyneth_love. If you seen the series Love Birds, that series was mainly made by me. It was about love and hatred. Mostly many users downloaded it.... And comments were made... But I never ever said anything about why after episode 16 I stopped making the Love Birds episode all the sudden. I stopped. I realized that even though I was having fans but this was just nuts. I am stopping the romance series. I am doing Phineas and Ferb flipnotes now. It seems to myself, even though I am too old to go through all the episodes of Phineas and Ferb, I am a Phinbella lover ALL THE WAY. Okay, maybe though in the series, Phineas does not realize the love Isabella feels for him. But I think he does. It looks like he does not, but I actually think he does. Phineas+Isabella=Phinbella! Anyways I should tell you about myself. I am usually called, "Ms. Talented" in my school. My friends and classmates do not understand, but they think I have magic or something. I am the head of my classes, but mostly I am always in art class. My art teacher named, Ms. Christina, is SO WONDERFUL! My friends tell me their art is horrible and mine is too good. I think I am being braggy right now. T-T Sorry, but every year she always enter my art into a school art competition and when she gives me the reviews for last year I found out I won first place. My parents were proud of me, but lemme go to what I like. I like ART mainly. It gives me lots of inspiration. I also like One Direction, Selena Gomez, Phineas and Ferb, "13 Treasures",(A book that had an interesting story to it.)Pitbull, Hatena, Kelly Clarkson, Alyson Stoner (who plays as Isabella in Phineas and Ferb), Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Skillet's Songs: Monster and Whispers In The Dark, Paramore, dogs, pink, cupcakes, baking, and Katy Perry. But seriously, I really love CUPCAKES! I have two main channels, one is my offical one and my Phineas and Ferb one. There is two channels with: Cupcake's Offical Channel :D and THAT IS NOT MY CHANNEL! The other one is. I never knew lots of people created Cupcake channels. Well I am gonna go now. See ya later everyone!

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