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Eh'lloh! The name's Hannah! I'm age 13 and I love pokemon(favorite is Torchic, derp)! My favorite color is lime green(just so you know -3-)and I like rabbits! I live in Utah, but I'm originally from Sweden(and I DO speak swedish!). Meh' birthday's Oct. 14... Please, I hope you comment my flips(seriously, guys.I really want some feedback)!

Okay, characters:

Hannah, the torchic (human)

Pikachu, Hannah's best friend(and a Pikachu, lol)

[X}Spark, shiny torchic( human, lol)

[X]Freeze, piplup with an attitude( and a scarf)

[X]Radiance(though she goes by Curse), the mysterious Vulpix

[X]Star,[X]Fate( or Faith), and[X]Pichu( Star&Fate both eevees, Fate is a human)

Aqua, squirtle, then evolves into wartortle(human, seriously, there's a plot, okay!)

Charmander, charmander before evolving into charizard, Aqua's partner

Misaki, cubone(you guessed it >w<)

Totodile(or Toto), Misaki's partner

The characters listed above are all featured in a story kind of a thing that I have. That is why most of them are human. It's just part of the plot, okay?(Edit: I'm going to be cutting out alot of these characters, they're marked with [X]. I'll keep them up here so that you can see who's who in my older MV's. They will be missed...)

Other pokemon characters:

Splat the furret

Mazy the buneary

Marshmello the mincinno

Zap the raichu

Sol the shaymin

Slither the servine

Ice the glaceon

Blur the aveon(made that one up myself. It's eevee's flying type >w<)

Ember, shiny torchic with a red jewel on her forehead(and a reborn, lol)

Hurricane, torchic/squirtle mutation(Hurricane's a guy...)

Mystic the Flygon

Blizz the Polare(made-up pokemon, looks like a bunny)

The Pokemon Symphony(their desc. can be found in the flipnote desc. of their flips)

Other characters:

Hiroshima, the cat(along with all her friends)

Warrior cats(Mudfern, mostly)

Rabbits, main ones:

Kuroi Usagi, "Black rabbit" in japanese. All black with blue ears.

(more later...)

Oh yeah, if you want my DA, this is it: TorchicOfTheSky. I haven't posted any art at the moment, but soon!

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