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My name is Korrin, I love Harvest Moon and Zelda, I have a bunny named Mr. Man, I'm in a series posted by my cousin called, Korrin's Randomness, they are based on true events that happened to us!

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Bahaha- Brina gotz on Korrin's account AGAIN! Why? I have no flippin idea... ohoho- time to comment on my own flipnotes again... ohh- I'm tempted to call Korrin, and ask to go swimming once more before school starts... maybe I will!

activity room, Pool table, extersizing room, LIFT WASTING!, Lift-wating, *smack* oh- now THAT'S cool... (inside joke)

Soo funny-- but everythings not Soo funny... I don't have a toolbox in here because people are losers... (another inside joke)

Idea maker, I love your style and GRACE!

  • Brin-uhhh(: