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hi! my name is lily! if u dont kno me already... YOUR MISSING OUT! lol jk! but yeah im crazy and fun, outgoing. i love one direction too! i went to their concert in san diego on june 8 2012. im going next year too on august 6 i think. im not one of those crazy fans though. if i meet them id start a normal conversation with them to get to know them better. i wouldn't like yell in their faces like OMG UR 1D I LIKE TOTALLY TOTALLY LOVE U LIKE OMG! lol. i mean their just normal ppl too right? oh and if anyone in one direction is reading this[i doubt it but i heard they had dsi's] i just wanna say i love u guys not cause ur looks, money, or music [dont get me wrong i LOVE their music!] i love u guys cause u saved me from making a huge mistake in my life, infact u saved my life! if i ever meet you guys i would love to tell u my story! so yeah that was a lot about me! i mean seriously, how much did write/type? so baii! shave a squirrel, wash a monkey, sniff some old peolpe, but never push a baby off ur bed.[done that to many times.lol.XD