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Hi.My name is... well you know what my name is.My favorite colors are black and white.My favorite food is RIBS!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the show family guy.[ITS SO FUNNY]And I love, love, love, flipnote hatenaMy favorite creater is Rai Rai guy.And no I do NOT have a facebook so don t try and look me up.Im SERIOUS.My D.S.i is the color blue,im hungry,and I love playing on my dsi.My favorite name brand is baby phat.My favorite movie is Dispicible me.and I m watching George Lopez.On nick@ nite. And they think carmen is ................they just caught her at a party.NOT GOOD .Now shes crying cause dunkin dumped her.Sad story.WOW this show is so dramatic.Anywho back to me.So...... yeah....uh....Some people say I look like Willow Smith.My favorite singer is NOT Justina Bieber[hes gae]My favorite singer is actully Mariah Cannon[cary].My favorite rapper is nikki manij.My fav rap GROUP is Young Money.My favorite cartoon is THE BOONDOCKS IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLD ON..........[20 MIN LTR]OMG. Okat so my fav chinese classic is dragon ballz i.My favorite SLUT is miley slutres.My fav animal is a tiger. I am not a hater. But I do LOVE all my haters. My favorite song is Love The Way You Lie.My fav uhh............hey you know what IM just gonna talk now.MOVE PHOEBE! Sorry my dog[causins dog]is taking up all the bed space.Move!OH and my favorite superhero is god.UUUUUHHHHHH.... okay... I have nothing else to say so bye! Gotta work on my stupid report.*mad face*.