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um well im 13 i live in sunset,louisiana um but came from las vegas,nevada i lived there for 7 years and have lived here 2 and hopeing to live more lol um well i've done many sports like skate boarding i have been sponserd once and now i quit to play soccer and snow board lol my gf says im crazy but i dnt think so.....and well ill be turning 14 in sept 15 and i like every kind of music spanish and english i preffer rock and classic rock like the beatles,acdc,metallica,queen and the eagles and i do like hip hop and rap and all tht good stuff i like to spend my time in the movies with my gf and go to teen night clubs and well my fav color is black white and red ppl say im emo lol no im not.....um i have dark long hair (use to be dark brown) um i love to read im a A B student like my gf even though we hate it and i play world of warcraft......um well as u can see i like doing alot of stuff and well thts all u need to know about me! :)