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Dbcupcake was my old Hatena name. I am a 19 year old girl. A ex popular creator on Hatena trying to make her way back up the ranks. I am a Adventure time fanatic and on Hatena I will only be drawing stuff in adventure time style from now on so i can improve. I will post a lot of adventure time music videos and art. I will be making a Adventure time series soon so I hope you guys keep watching and tell your friends about me. I love Anime. I love Gore and Romance anime. My favorite anime is Mirai Nikki. I love playing Super smash brothers brawl and I love the legend of zelda. My favorite zelda game is Majoras mask. My favorite Tv show is Adventure time of course. I listen to vocaliod and my favorite Vocaliod is Tone Rion. My favorite song right now is Candy Candy by Kyary. I speak English and Spanish.