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Hello! Im Caitlyn, some call me Cait doesn't matter to me.

I'm 14 years of age

My birthday is 2/19

I'm a very happy person

I've mood eyes....meaning they change colors

I love my friends and family<33333333

I have a Brother, and 2 Sisters, half sister and brother(rl)

I have a brother and sister (fake)

My mother is Tepa( stephanie ) fake

My father is Spade/bay/Bailey fake

And i love life......<3

I love beaches

And sometimes I feel very stupid when Im around smart people. (.....dorian) lol

And there is other stuff but I dont feel like typeing it all

Wait, another thing is....... I like being fancy like.... makes me feel proper...

Hahahaha........ Well Thats all <33333