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hey dis is alune wolf well as all my old fwends knew me as Angel<3paw or flame<3wolf well this ish my new Account and yep well hope you like my flips(XD this info about me can late)


lolz canadia here~lolz so yup XD

de animes i watch are

Princess tutu(it's really adorable~ and funny~)

HETALIA!(it's halarious and i loves it~!)

Inuyasha(been watchin it since i was 8~ and i love eit~!)

one peice(one of my first animes i ever saw~)

Naruto(^^ lolz it's awesome~)

kingdom hearts

the rest'll be added later

ok hey ive got some sad news my dsi nolonger works and i wont be able to make flips for awhile.