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hi guys just so u know im not annette im her son and just so u know i dont have a dsi ...yet and so im using hers so .....you cannot be garunteed that the flipnote on my profile is mine it might be one of my siblings so weve come up with signiture names that well do with our flipnotes just so u know my name is going to be genius and my siblings names will be made at a alater date ...when they get on so just a recap genius is mine andf anyother that dont have genius wasnt made by me so please criticise respectively.well about me im 13 and live in nsw australia i skate alrightly i guess but need alot of prCTICE and ilove to draw and stuff i like heavy metal or hard rock , bullet for my valentine in particular so yeah thats me ina nutshell

Hi I am geniuses brother and I to do not have a dsi as of yet and am using my mums i will put my signiture name as dc skater