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masami here<3 i have a new drawing style and would like to express it!!! i cant wait to show everyone it.

this is still levi fyi. just saying i didnt quit i just have alot of stuff to do know and wont post for some while...so yea

any way i deleted all my flips to start fresh i hope my fans dont forget aboutme and unfav me XD i doubt all my fans are my friends

special thanks to these people:

nicky annie Yuki

xainde chemical X mastr snarf

wookie kiseki Chrissy

mickeyash ice kim hyunjii

deion Shang Hai pink roses

shadownite crayon theif kenna

lani Mana pegasus

senriseven meowf Link

nomico AKA BRB star

nero FMAQ fangirl bloopaloop

btrusher blu dreams Tiger

ace latfon truffels

apple tree techno sweetdream

alyssa Kay Anieu Blaze

and my fans&lt;33

I love YOU ALLLLLLLL <33333