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Hello People of the World!

My name is Skyler Miller. I have 3 brothers name Brandon, Jarett, and Casen. My mom's name is JuLee and my dad's name is Robert. I also have a dog named Kaui.

My Account name is Sky-School (or hippievan17). My favorite creator EVER is ♥Tetarah♥. I make love series, edit the "edit me" flipnotes, and I post contests to see peoples creations and imagination. My little brother, (brandon) has a flipnote hatena account, and his name is bigmac (or bingostarr20).

I go to Culver Middle School (in Oregon), and I am in the 8th grade. I have nicknames for all of my friends and myself. I am Punky, and my friends are: MiMi, Rue, Londie, Frego, and Beanie.

I Have goals I would like to reach, and/or go beyond.

Thanks for reading, and please watch my flipnotes, and comment and add stars!

~ ☺ ☻ ♥ Skyler (a.k.a Sky-School, and hippievan17) ♥ ☻ ☺ ~