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My name is Riley! But, you can call me any ov my various other names. I have many so I shall give you a list:



Bouncy Muffins



Sakura-chan (from tsubasa chronicles -_-")

or just call me Riley... I'd perfer that...


I have an odd obsession with Kyon from TMoHS...

Again, very odd.

Another thing I have an odd obsession with is cosplaying. I love going out in public in full cosplay. Oh yeah, something you should know about me is that I love letting others know I'm weird. I gave up on 'fitting in' years ago.

I draw Anime/Manga, whatever you wanna call it, and occasionally I love drawing cats.

I've only been drawing anime for about two years so I'm not the best at it. But I'm still working hard on it!

I play trumpet 'officially', but I'd much rather play guitar all the time. I just stay in band cause it's fun. But don't misjudge me, I'm not one of those Talor Swift girls who plays soothing music on an accustic guitar, (I have nothing on Talor Swift, she's actually a very good musician) but anyways, if you're looking for that kind of person, don't look at me. I rarely play accustic guitar and when I do I don't play any songs meant for that type. I play electric! I like the feel of it better, but the sound too! I just am that kind of person!!

I'm currently working on a series, called Ikimasho!! And it will be epic. If not... I don't care. But you can probly expect it in a few weeks, I'm still deep in the process of creating it.

I like singing~ but I suck at it... I can sing better in Japanese for some reason... I'm just weird like that. On that note, I'll mention that I'm starting my second year of Japanese this year, going into 8th grade. I'm gonna cosplay as Haruhi Suzumiya for the first day of school! If I finish the cosplay in time...

Anyways, that's pretty much it...

And that's how Equestria was made.