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Name- Ken

Age- 15

DOB- October 1st 1996

Reason of joining Hatena- To express joy of playing piano and drawing

About- For the last couple of years i've been looking for the woman to help me feel whole again. I've traveled all across the U.S, part of Japan, and now i'm back in America. I still have not found her.

Likes-I am a simple, yet cool guy. I care for my family and those who are close to me, such as my friend Jasmine. I want to be successful here on earth. I am not greedy. I do not pretend that anything other hard work and education will get me ahead in life. I look for a woman who can tell me when i am going in the wrong direction and will help me make the right choices

Dislikes- I hate liars with the burning intensity of a thousand suns, and i hate being lied to. I treat people honestly and expect the same in return.