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My creator name is Mijimaru. I'm a boy. And I am a big fan of My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Chameleon Circuit, Pink Floyd, Alt-Rock, Half-Life, Portal, Pokemon (ONLY the games), Minecraft, Homestuck, Doctor Who, Flipnote Hatena, The Weighted Companion Cube (XD), the Black Mesa logo (again, XD).

My favorite TV show is (of course)... DOCTOR WHO! I love it SO MUCH! I even have the 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, The Doctor Who Visual Guide, and Doctor Who: Night Of The Humans! My favorite monster has to be the Weeping Angels. DON'T BLINK!

My favorite Game is a tie between Half-Life, Portal, and Minecraft.

My favorite band is My Chemical Romance. I saw them twice in concert, I have about 15 T-shirts, and all their CDs.

"Don't blink.

Don't even blink.

Blink and you're dead.

They are fast,

Faster than you can believe.

Don't turn your back,

Don't look away,

And Don't Blink.

Good Luck."

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Playing guitar, singing


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