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My name is Hailey, I am 15 yrs old, and I live In Calfornia, United States of America, Earth, Sol system, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe. Drawing is my only somewhat productive hobby. Wolves are my passion.

I am very cynical, a pessimist, and I just generally dont like the human species as a whole. But dont mind me, I hide it well. I have a nervous disorder, called Trichotillomania. Google it. It really gets to me sometimes, and I get anxious and snap easily. My apologies in advance.

I am a total gamer. Assassins Creed, AC 2, AC Brotherhood, AC Revalatons, and currently waiting for AC3. Other addictions include, Skyrim, Black ops, and Halo Reach. And Nerds candy.

That is me, dont hate. Thats my job.

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted. We are Assassins.

Watch the skies, traveler!