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Hey one E. :) i was working on telling a story about my VERY entertaining dream...But I decided I failed waayy to much so I will just put the name of meh o.c.s and MABEY a bit about meh idk...I l@zy... OKAY LET US START!

Mastera the echidna- um she is a girl (honestly idk her real name i forgot it when i woke up from a srange dream so i re-named her)

Vintro the mink-he a boy(as a child i had a toy vaccume named Vintro :3 ) also i have not drawn him once yet so dont feel bad if you dont know him...

Nat-he has white fur and i never shared his name in first appearence(MV how to luv)

Natie-Nat's older sis name not givin in first apperence (MV how 2 luv pic when Nat can't put the heart together)

Kimi-Nat's youger @nnoying lil sis her name was also not givin in first apperence

Hope-Nat`s baby sister (yes Nat is the only boy besides his father in the family)

I have moar but idk if i will keep dem.

Yay! we done w/ that...

I do da factz nao :D

ok...I iz 12 yeer birthday is July 20th.I like waffles and h@te h@terz and p00 heads >:( . I am refusing to spel corrwetly.meh skool is no nice 2 me they give me no time 4 friends or outside of skool life. I h@te being called ''white'' or ''white girl''.I am boring you.I will keep starting scentences w/ I. I am Colombian,Cuban,American and my mom said she might be Mexican but speak no spanish and can't read or write in spanish but can understand when spoken to(most of time). nao i'm bored oh wait! I am also L@ZY!